Rachel Ann Brown

Hi! I’m Rachel and I love taking great photos…

I am an Ogden Utah based children, family, & pet photographer.  My journey started 16 years ago when I purchased my first camera and became a pet parent. I loved taking pictures of my adored rescue pets & catching their amazing personalities forever! And then I embarked on my second journey and became a mother and realized how much I loved taking pictures of both of my sons. You will see them often throughout my galleries. Since then, the camera has become my permanent companion and I’ve never looked back!

I truly believe you are coming to me not just for a photoshoot, but to be heard, to be loved, and understood in a way that only a true friend would understand you. I love and want to listen to your stories and then translate them into your images/photos. I’m not here to just give you pretty frames for your wall. I want to give you lasting memories of the most cherished moments of your lives.


Creating lasting fun filled pet memories, delivering valuable pet portraits & galleries!

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Creating lasting family & childhood memories, delivering valuable portraits & galleries!


Creating lasting fun filled fairytale memories, delivering valuable portraits & galleries!


Creating lasting motherhood & infant memories, delivering valuable portraits & galleries!